Video of the month: Hitler reacts to Gor Mahia losing the league

The last day of the season saw league leaders Gor Mahia lose their crown to Tusker FM. A hilarious video is out there parodying former Nazi Leader Adolf Hitler reacting to the lose.

If you have any questions as to the rise of the Kenyan football scene you have to follow the buzz on the weekend before the last match of the season on Saturday. Gor Mahia was 1 point ahead of both AFC leopards and Tusker FC. AFC had started the league on a high and lost their way in the middle of the season and come storming back in the latter stages. Tusker were defending champions and had started badly and slowly and quietly climbed up the league standings. Here we were at the last day of the season and the town was abuzz. The football fraternity was partying at the Tribe on the night before and it looked like it was going to be a legendary one…

AFC lost to Chemelil, Gor Mahia drew with my Thika United and Tusker won the Nairobi City Stars retaining their title. All hell broke loose in Nairobi especially outside the City Stadium where the emotion sprawled to peoples vehicles and the like.

One Gor fan, I assume, of the beautiful game took another route and went another way of showing their disappointment as they made a Hitler Reacts to Gor losing the league video. This is one in a series of parody videos from a scene in Der Untergang (2004), a German WWII drama revisiting the last ten days of Adolf Hitler’s life and eventual suicide in his Berlin underground bunker.

The parodies have been amusing the heck out of many of us as we see the subtitled reactions of Hitler as he gives his opinions on everyday stuff.

The Gor Video shows Hitler as he rails against his Gor for losing the league. He had planned on partying all night without his wife and now all his beer and food will go to waste. He is so mad at Tusker winning the league he orders not drinking of the brand. I cant paraphrase the whole video. You need to watch it yourself; go watch it and laugh.