Victor Ndula shows us another way of using cartoons

50 yearsWe all know cartoons no? We know them mainly for the superhero or antihero or otherwise that we all watch on the Cartoon Network/Kids Co/Nickelodeon.

We also see them being used in newspapers as the editorial cartoon. In Kenya the big brands are Maddo, Gaddo, Kiddo… wait they are all ending in “o” those guys. Maybe is I use my name with an “O” (Jamo? Muruo?) I too would become a highly recognised caricature guy or cartoonist.
There is one artist who has been interesting me; Victor Ndula. Apart from him winning the UN Lurie Prize the other day, he is also the guy who drew the cartoons for my Nairobi Living Column for many years until he left that role to Ozone. He also has no “O” at the end of his name which is quite cool.

The interest for me is his new use of the caricature art. The guy has just unleashed a new cartoon strip at the Cartoons movement website today. It is about the way that one part of the country has gone ahead from the hunger narrative and now its residents are feeding themselves. They can now stay without needing relief food aka Mwolyo. You can read the comic yourself here.

This excellent work has led me to think that perhaps the cartoon thing can be used in other ways apart from making fun. Development through cartoons. Cool.