Tony Gatheca is the new Marketing Society of Kenya chairman

Tony Gatheca (Extreme right) at a former MSK gala.
Tony Gatheca (Extreme right) at a former MSK gala.

The Marketing Society of Kenya (MSK) is a very interesting organisation. It has had some of the most amazing people as its leaders with some like current Chase Bank General Manager Parmain Ole Narikae and current  L’Oreal boss in Kenya Patricia Ithau at the helm. For those who want to see the later speak you want to go to the Networking in Heels on the morrow to see her secrets of making it in your career.
There was a period for while when the organisation went quiet with little information about their activities apart from the Warrior Awards held at the end of every year. There was even some period of litigation between some warring parties before it all died down. Its been very quiet since.
A new era is upon the MSK as the organisation chose a new Chairman – Tony Gatheca who is the current CEO of Transcend Media Group. Gatheca has been in marketing business for a bit making his name both at the Radio Africa Group and the Capital Group before he opted to start his own firm a few years back. His company has since gone on to get an impressive list of clients.
If his media savvy is anything to go by we shall start hearing a lot more about the MSK in the coming days. The funk the MSK has been in the last few years may be a thing of the past if we know its new Chairman and how things are likely to run.
Congratulations Bwana Gatheca.

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  1. congrats mr.Gathecha…I believe you will take MSK to another level..i liked your encouraging words on 31/10/20013 at C.U.E.A

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