Tim Njiru returns with The Ideal Space TV show

Tim Njiru: You jump for joy too if you had a TV show on KTN too.
Tim Njiru: You’d jump for joy if you had your new TV show debuting on KTN too.

I’ve known Tim Njiru for quite a while. He was the quirky guy who took over the Art Scene a show on the Kenyan art scene that had been ably run by Misiko Andere as she went to join Nation Media Group’s NTV. He went to NTV shortly afterwards too (that seemed to happen a lot in those days) with his show Insync. Or was it Instyle? All I remember was that it was another art related show.

That show didn’t last too long with not so positive reviews even from the company’s internal publications. You know a show is not working when the person reviewing it says it’s not good and the people who producing it are in the same group.
As he did this he worked on his art background and it has paid off with a new TV show called The Ideal Space TV show is debuting on KTN today. According to Tim, “your personality is reflected in the space you live work and play in.” For those looking to get a new home, the property market as it is now is full of sales agreement and other hard jargon which for many people is just hot air.
People who are developing the spaces (mjengo) that they live in are constantly looking for ideas. And the new show is the stop for such people. This might just work as everyone doing property shows nowadays is just showing the basics about properties like costs, location etc.
Congrats to Tim and hopefully this time he at the very least gets positive reviews for KTN’s “in-house paper.” Watch it today and every Saturday on 6pm.

To comment on the new show check out it’s Facebook page or chat with Tim on twitter @timnjiru

The Ideal Space TV Show

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