Thoughts on the Tusker Jenga Game promotion

Joseph Kadenge: This gentlemen won't convince me to go to the stadium
Joseph Kadenge: This gentlemen won’t convince me to go to the stadium

EABL’s current promotion for their Tusker brand is something called “Jenga Game” (build the game) which is meant to drive people back to sports stadia. The concept is very welcome as going to see a live match is still unheard of in many sporting disciplines. The football and rugby people are the ones who get the bulk of the people who attend matches and even there it is specific clubs who get the bulk of supporters. They include Gor Mahia, AFC Leopards, Harlequins (no longer the lip balm boys), Impala and Mwamba aka Kulabu. So every little help to get people out of the bars where they are making Arsenal Vs Man United, a mid table clash in England, trend on twitter and into Kenya sports arenas is appreciated.

My only concern is with the spokesmen that they chose to drive their campaign. The clever people at EABL sad down and opted for tried and trusted folks to run their campaign like former Harambee Stars captain Musa Otieno, legendary footballer Joseph “Kadenge na mpira” Kadenge and rugby player Lavin Asego. The adverts that we have been watching on TV have them reminiscing about their glory days on the pitch and how they were excited by the support of the fans so you too should go out and “jenga game.”

I understand why they used these names as they have name recognition where Kenyans are concerned and would theoretically appeal to us easier. Unfortunately, when you go out to the stadium you are unlikely to know the people who you are likely to be supporting if you follow these veterans advice. With this move Tusker misses out on a valuable opportunity to show us the current stars of the game so that when we go out we will immediately recognise an Andrew Amonde, a Dan Sserunkuma or a Jacob Keli as they ply their trade.

Please don’t give me a story about they are unheard so might not bring the fans to the terraces. Tusker Project Fame, one of the most celebrated reality TV shows in the country, is designed with the idea of unknowns getting the limelight. You can make big names from nobodies (sorry if you are a nobody and you consider yourself a somebody) if you put your mind to it. You however give potential fans watching those adverts the impression that the game has never moved on. You are telling them that there are no new crowd favourites if we have to stick with players who last plied their trade in the twentieth century to appeal to them.

These volleyball queens win trophies. Use one them.
These volleyball queens win trophies. Use one them.

Then there is the use of only guys. Come on. In the last few Olympics women have been giving us just as much glory as the men so you can tell me that you can’t find at least one woman to have on your campaign. If you can convince our athletes then you can go with the volleyball queen or those hottie Orange Telkom hockey babes. You have no excuse in 2014 to run a campaign with only men in Kenya for a mass market product. Especially one that Tusker considers itself to be.

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