The weekend that was supposed to be… before Westgate


These Safaricom Sevens Rugby fans would have dominated social pages.
These Safaricom Sevens Rugby fans would have dominated social pages.

The weekend of 20-22th September was going be… wait for it… Legendary. I kid you not. Nairobi tends to be a very cyclical city where gigs and partying is concerned. A typical month sees many events bunch around the last weekend – pay day – all competing for those partygoers shillings.

This weekend, the third of the month, was an anomaly as I have been observing in the last few weeks. This weekend alone for instance there was the Safaricom Sevens, the Storymoja Hay Festival and the Oktoberfest leading a slew of awesome events. Something for everyone with the rugby fans – a huge audience here – heading for the first, the book lovers for the second and the Oktoberfest for the last. There was booze at all of them which if you know Kenyans is quite a large of the audience.

The weekend would have typically seen many Kenyans partying like crazy as they downed copious amounts of booze, tweeted like crazy and generally had a great time. Breweries and distributors would have had a ball selling their product. It would have been a weekend of Tusker, Jameson, Camino and all others as people did their best to enjoy what little life they have.

After the weekend you would have seen media reports – images and video – of misbehaving young men and women (nowadays we are equal opportunity misbehavers in this town). That misbehave imagery would involve dudes sleeping after too much booze or young women either skimpily dressed, drinking or dancing quite expressively or more.

These images would have led to many calls from the new anti-drug advocacy czar John Mututho to act fast.

The next week would also have seen people self-implicating as they posted their most alcohol fill photos on Facebook in droves. Also there would have been a spike in the Postinor 2 – the drug you use after sex to try prevent pregnancy.

After this weekend of debauchery people would have been recovering around Wednesday and already preparing to start again on Thursday.

Unfortunately this was never to be as some clowns decided to bring their stupid wars to our peace and fun loving city. If you are reading this you known that dozens are dead, hundreds are hospitalised and a nation is traumatised.

What do I recommend to you? This weekend lets show them how we live as a peaceful nation. I’ll see you out on the town folks. Paraphrasing that late great rapper, can’t nobody hold me down. Can’t nobody take my pride. Oh no we gonna keep on moving.

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  1. Seriously this was so horrifying I just can’t wait for us to put it behind us… sadly for many people they shall live with the reality of this for years to come, father, mothers, children orphaned… I just cannot imagine the sheer utter pure pain their going through… *says a prayer*

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