The Tecno Phantom A phone; loved it.

Fast as a fast car (pun intended)
Fast as a fast car (pun intended)

There has been some buzz on social media in the last few days about this new Tecno Phantom A phone and having used in the last few days I get it.

The package came to me and I went home to look at my new phone. I opened the box to see what was in there and was accosted by quite a few things. These included;

  • A battery which states; Standard 3.7V 2100mAh
  • White headphones
  • Charger
  • The phone which has two slots for sim cards (the normal ones not of the microsim variety)
  • A torch which is seems to be powered by USB.

I put it on after putting in a sim card and as it powered up I had to note that it reminded me of a hybrid of the Samsung S3 and S4 design wise. The design on the black version of the phone is quite snappy but on seeing the white version of the phone in a shop in town I have to say that the latter version is actually better on the eyes. It is quite slim at 9.1mm.

The phone like all of them nowadays is touch screen and is of very high colour resolution which means that when one is watching a video one gets a very good experience.

I started the typical look at the device inside and out and the feeling is very much like the Samsung S series of phone and closest to the S3.

As I was looking through the phone I noticed one thing lacking in the S4 but standard in most phones nowadays; a radio. The sound in this phone is almost as good as the ones you get in the Nokia devices which I consider to be the best in the market.

Then there is the camera on the phone; 8 megapixels is not just not bad. Its great. I won’t using it to take photos for my social pages in The Star. This is because the photos required for newsprint are usually higher quality but for any other purpose this is perfect.

Then came the inevitable downloading of the apps that I use regularly for my favourite social media and other purposes; Twitter, Facebook, Tumblr, Pinterest, Evernote, Google+ et al. The downloading was made easier when I discovered that the phone has a dedicated button called “Assistant” that allows one to get access to the most popular apps like the ones I mentioned. They also have several others that they assumed I would love like Camera360, Instagram, GhanaWeb, Holy bible, Quran and others.

Among the group of apps were some games like Angry Birds, Fruit Ninja Free and Jetpack JoyRide. These games were much loved by my son who has taken it upon himself to commandeer my phone before I leave the office and if I get home before bedtime. In fact this obsession with the phone was a good reason for me to test just how good the phone battery. One morning the lad took the phone when I went to the gym at 6am and played for two hours straight (Jetpack Joyride is very addictive I tell you). I took my phone and went about my business and the phone was to drain only at 5pm. This including the fact that the phone was using data all day. Try and do that with some of these other Smartphones in the market. The battery is serious.

There are downsides for me. It has only accepted to use the original Twitter application instead of my favourite one Tweetcaster.

Then I don’t know if its just my phone but one of the Sims does not work which makes it very hard to test the other issues that so many dual sim phones have with network and what one getting stronger than the other.

The best thing about this phone though? KSHS20,000 to buy one. 20K people. “Wow! You can’t make this one up!” like that guy on the bench (who I miss) used to say.

P.S. Haven’t used the torch. Very weird addition in the package… Kenya Power!!! OK maybe not such a bad idea…

Update 1: The Tweetcaster on my phone did work eventually. Good times.

Update 2: I keep dropping this phone (the battery has popped out on two occasions) and the screen is unfazed. Even if it did break it I can get a free replacement at the service centre.

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