The Samsung S4: Two months in

Now if only I can figure how to end the fuzziness of the pics when I take them in my house.
Now if only I can figure how to end the fuzziness of the pics when I take them in my house.

So I have been using the Samsung S4 for the last few weeks. It’s been interesting. To say the very least.

Let’s start with the things that piss me off about this phone. After using the phone for a while it started having some very weird tendencies. The S3 I had before sometimes would just shut off in the middle of stuff happening and go back on.  The S4 didn’t do any of this initially but of late it has been shutting off at most importune moments.  And based on chatting with a couple other S4 users I am not alone with this. It’s either restarting or hanging on its own which can be infuriating at best.

Take for instance that time I was talking to a VIP (my mom) when the phone suddenly goes off and restarts. Or when I was taking a photo of some friends after we had drink and we are saying our goodbyes. It was embarrassing to have to wait for said phone to restart and then take the photo. The look from my pal was like “kwani Jamo bought a fake phone? Are you sure this isn’t Samsing S1/4 my guy” Well my friend it’s the original so I don’t know what to say.

And then the design isn’t the best in town. Those Lumias that Nokia are advertising like their lives depended on them (well kind of because… well they do) are looking way better. The I-phones are looking pretty cool as well. This block design phone doesn’t work for me really although I like dark colour it came in.

What the phone likes in design it makes up though. That camera for instance is really good. So good that for the first time in a while I don’t panic when I don’t have a photographer when I am at a social function I am covering. I will simply pick my camera and start snapping away and taking names. Even better is that it has a night mode which allows you to take photos that could be considered newspaper print quality.

Then there is easy way that I can take photos and go to my social media platforms post haste. I have a Tumblr and Pinterest account to update and since this phone came into my life they have been significantly upgraded. More pins on my Pinterest account especially on my board on African Literature and to a lesser extent my Nairobi Living board for little weird happenings from the city I live in. So you can imagine that my social media output has gone up quite a bit.

Then there is the thing. I haven’t been watching videos because of my issues with speed and cost. When there is network my Airtel network can be pretty good and I have taken to watching videos in traffic a lot more. I watched the new Sauti Sol video on my S4 the day after they launched. I watched the trailers for Man of Steel that caused me to need to watch the movie. I have also the trailer for the new 300 movie and I am whetting my appetite for next year’s release. This is stuff that the S4 has allowed to do on the run that I never used to do. Even with my S3.

Then there is the thing with that day I walked into this coffee house and had a seat after getting the Wi-Fi password. I suddenly have the affinity to places with free Wi-Fi nowadays – how am I supposed to update my apps otherwise? On my own penny? I think not! I digress. Seated at the next table was a gentleman who as I was sitting asked me with a look, that would better described by our Award winning Biko Zulu, of high regard.

“Is that the S4? How is it?” asks he.

“Its OK” answer I nonchalantly.

That kind of reaction is invaluable. It’s worth the cost of the phone alone.

I endorse this phone heartily.

P.S. The universal remote on the S4 had me laughing my head off as I changed channels with my child wondered how that was happening as he had the official remote. Priceless.