The Red House Group: Kenyan advertising gets real competition

George Ojing; Please note the red border showing he is part of the Red House Group
George Ojing; Please note the red border showing he is part of the Red House Group

The Kenyan advertising scene is getting very interesting. The scene was well known for being dominated by one player as the Bharat Thakkar owned Scangroup had all the major media buyers as its clients. Any organization that came into the market to offer a different service didn’t last too long as they stayed in the cold or if they go a foothold would be bought out pretty fast by the dominant player.

This is why its always so amusing when advertising firms are pitching for a job and it turns out they work for the same holding company. You will see for instance Hill & Knowlton and Ogilvy PR all going for one job. The owner of the business doesn’t mind off course as whichever company wins the pitch he will be laughing all the way to the bank. For an idea of the businesses in that the dominant company has then check out these companies on its official website..

This last year a new player called the Red House Group came to the market. This organization was unveiled to bring fresh outlook in the market place and started quietly initially. There were offers for financing but the organization had to tread very carefully lest they found that their owner turned out to be the same guy who they were breaking away from. Eventually they sorted out their financial partner.

In the last few days the Red House group has unleashed their new digs in Riverside drive Nairobi. The company is lead by Group Chairman Anthony Wahome sees many well known faces in the advertising industry like long time PR boss Koome Mwambia, seasoned adman George Ojing and a bunch of others.

The company is currently 5 months old and currently has 54 staff and is targeting folks to “bring it”(trademark The Rock aka Duane Johnson) to the advertising industry.

I can wait to see how this one turns out.