The Online TV and video experience with the Samsung S4

Watched behind the scenes of this movie on my S4.
Watched behind the scenes of this movie on my S4.

Its been one of the biggest noises about the new Samsung S4; that it has a universal remote. There is a nice little app on the phone called WatchOn which works like a remote for all your devices be they TV, DVD player or set top box. You set it up in a pretty simple manner and you are good to go. My old little Sony TV was quickly set up and I now had the power in my home to change channels with impunity. My family are having a blast.

In my pursuit of further enjoyment of the whole experience I went to the Google Play Store to see if there was anything TV related that could keep me busy when I am in a Wi-Fi zone. The Wi-Fi zone thing is vital as I found out that if you try use your mobile data then you will get quite a shock. The first weekend I spent Kshs900 on my mobile data whereas with my S3 I would spend only Kshs2,000 for the whole month. Now I was spending just under Kshs1,000 for three days. I had to learn to put of the “mobile data” on my phone when I was not doing anything specific.

My search for some TV content was pretty cool. I discovered some apps like Pandora.TV which had videos and such. I watched one video and quickly discovered why I wont be using it for long. It was a beautiful video with like 10 Asian girls stripped to their bare essentials singing what looked to be some sort of love song. It was candy for the eyes but I couldn’t get what they were saying because they seemed to singing in Japanese. The whole channel was Japanese so I lost interest and uninstalled.

Then there was the Incoming TV experience. I downloaded it and it asked me to allow to see my Youtube subscriptions initially it was downloading very weird stuff like my a fox taking a golf ball and running off with it. Eventually the videos started being more targeted at my needs as it got to see the videos. As we speak the FA cup final 2005 is hard at work being downloaded on my device. The beauty is that once I leave the Wi-Fi area I can watch without needing connection.

Then there is my number one video sharing device that isn’t youtube; IMDB which is the internet database online. I love movies and this app allows me to check out trailers as well as behind the scenes footage of upcoming movies. I spent this morning for instance watching the behind the scenes for Man Of Steel which I look forward to watching when it debuts here.

The best thing about this phone with TV is that the picture is really clear and the sound is very good.