The one with an almost exclusive for Coke Zero

I attended a bloggers gig recently. It was one of those where I the invited stated that it was “an informal roundtable Brunch at The Stanley Hotel on Thursday 6th September 2012 from 11 a.m.” Wh

I nearly exclusived this product in Kenya
I nearly exclusived this product in Kenya

ile here I was to discover that the latest Coca Cola brand was on its way: Coke Zero.

During the event I got to listen to Coke’s Peter Njonjo talk about Coca Cola and its awesomeness and how everything they sell is awesome. Awesome. Also on the bill was some scientist guy taking about the exciting process that makes coke brown. OK I kid. It wasn’t exciting at all. It was in fact so boring I was praying that God would come with toothpicks for my eyes to prevent from my been seen dozing at a gig at noon.

During the “exciting” brunch I noticed a version of Coke that I had not seen before called Coke Zero. We or rather Potentash asked what that was and Njonjo tells us that it was launching next week. I left and forgot about until the next morning when I saw a billboard on Mombasa Road on my way to work announcing “Its Coming.” Somehow my brain added two and two and I figured that this was about Coke Zero.

I was so excited. I knew about a brand before it came our for the first time since… well… since never. So I needed to spill the beans (#GossipsRus). I logged onto my PC and I found my site had been hacked by some Pakistani fundamentalist as he referred to himself called Zem King. I only recently sorted that issue so I have missed that EXCLUSIVE I was SPRINTING to my computer to unleash.

Yeah I know, almost doesn’t count but still. Lets hope I can get the exclusive for Coke One. Or even Pepsi Zero.