The Joys of Fathers Day in Kenya

Kiss TV's Grace Msalame salutes the father of her kids @ndichupm.
Kiss TV’s Grace Msalame salutes the father of her kids @ndichupm.

Father’s Day is one of those invented holidays that are now slowly becoming a staple of our urban landscape in Nairobi. It lies alongside other days that we have brought close to our hearts alongside Valentines Day and Mother’s Day.

So how do we do fathers day in this town? Well Kenyans are as social media savvy as the rest of the rest of them so you can know what they are up to by examining their various channels on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. The rest of the social media sites are sadly still trying to catch on with the rest of these big three.

On Sunday, Kenyans stared the day filling their Facebooks and Instagrams with images of their parents. On Facebook, the preferred modus was to change the person’s profile photo with their dad in cool poses from their childhood or as they are today. Those who couldn’t be bothered to upload their photos would just share the ever popular Happy Father’s Day memes that had already been designed by God knows who. Others opted to unleash the fathers of their kids who have been in the shadows celebrating them for their amazing work as partners and husbands and fathers to their kids.

The Instagram crowd went wild showing the most Parentage per square pixel. It was so much that you would have assumed that it was Parent’s Day at your favourite kerosene feeding Secondary Boarding school.

The most assuming Father’s Day reactions came from Twitter. After tweeps had had their fill of the Kenyan media business with #SomeoneTellKeMedia the next thing was Fathers Day. There were two major schools of thought in the tweeting; One celebrated the good men who were great fathers and the other remindede dead beat dads that all the messages of the day were not meant for them so they should just walk on. Nothing to see here dead beat dad, walk on…

The positive messages were pretty encouraging to the fathers who have been working their butts off to feed their kids and not complain too loudly when their child wants a PSP when they already have the Wii. The second set of messages were the one’s where the daddy issues were so pronounced that you would have thought it was “Dead beat dads suck Day” by the volume. Some stood for the fathers like our very own @BintiM with tweets like these;

So how did you spend your fathers day?