The Hostel returns to NTV Uganda. NTV Kenya next?

Its baaaack!
Its baaaack!

The Hostel TV Series is a show about students in a hostel in Kampala Uganda who attend the local university which I can only assume is Makerere University. The show sheds light on their trials and tribulations as well as their highs and lows from their abodes. It is aired on NTV Uganda and also aired on NTV in Kenya which is why I started watching it in the first place.

The show is really well done with the main characters of Patra, Hope, Gilo, Arach and a bunch of other keeping me in stitches whenever I watch the show.

The show had ended last year with the death of one the main characters of the show Odoch. It was believed that the show would be ending as it had been losing some of the founding stars on a regular basis. The death of Odoch was seen by many to be the end of the show.

Well the show is back. Season 3 of the show launched yesterday with its first episode. I never got to watch that one buts its only a matter of time before we get to see those cheeky scamps on NTV here no? I can’t wait.

Update: Looks like the show will be screening in Kenya after 10 episodes. Thats three months away people.