The Hostel actress Rachel Nyunaki in accident


The Hostel's Rachel Nyunaki
The Hostel’s Rachel Nyunaki

If you watch Ugandan smash TV show The Hostel that screens on NTV then you will know Rachel Nyunaki as the lecturer Esther. She was involved in a very bad accident last night.

If there is one show that has piqued my interest in Ugandan TV and film production it has to be The Hostel series. This is a show about a group of students at Kampala’s Makerere University who stay in the fictious New Age hostel and what they go through on daily basis. It is a show on coming of age for young folks and can be quite fun to follow. It is also my first view of Uganda on TV that doesn’t involve Museveni, Kony, Child soldiers, DRC fighting etc. I love it.

One of the principle characters on the show is a student called Twine (pronounced Twin-ee) and he is always having romantic problems with the female students (in spite of his non heterosexual sounding name). A while back his biggest problem was one of his lecturers called Esther who insisted on having an an affair with his. The lecturer is an actress called Rachel Nyunaki.

Last night Nyunaki was involved in an accident on a boda-boda (motorcycle) in Kampala and she suffered serious head injuries and is currently in Intensive Care Unit at Nakasero hospital. We ask that you keep her and her family in your prayers during this difficult time.