The big switch: Blackberry Bold 9700 to Samsung Galaxy S3


Samsung S3; Awesome.
Samsung S3; Awesome.

 After two years of faithful service I was forced to change my Blackberry Bold 9700 as it fell apart and I opted for the Samsung S3. This android phone is not bad at all.

It was at an event two years ago that I first came in contact with the my Blackberry Bold. Before this I was an unofficial brand ambassador to Nokia off sorts singing its praises over and over all the way to my first sojourn to Asia as I visited Beijing in 2010. Then I met the BB Bold.

It was not an easy shift. As I got to use it I got to love it more and more. I could now check my mails on the run which was useful as I was a freelancer at the time. I needed to show seriousness and answering an email with the signature “sent from my Blackberry device” couldn’t have hurt in that endeavour. The phone was also very cost effective as I cut down on my spending on data as those Blackberry folks know a thing or two about data.

After a long and fruitful relationship that at one time got to crackberry status, I had to leave my dying phone. It wasn’t that I wanted to leave it but I had already done two changes for the phone case and still it was going downhill. The speaker on the phone ear piece was shot which meant that I was missing vital conversations during calls. It became a matter of when and not whether to change the phone.

After looking around I settled on the Samsung S3. The phone has been a subject of a huge advertising campaign and being human I succumbed and got one. Just like the change from Nokia to BB two years ago it was a bit of a struggle. Having had the phone I have learned quite a bit about it. Here are some things the phone has brought to me.


  1. Contacts – I have a lot of contacts which were saved on the phone. I didn’t want to type them all onto my new phone. Turns out that Google Sync is a great tool that allows you to sync all your contact on one place. The down side is that it doesn’t support Blackberry anymore. My only option was to type the most import contacts – family, close friends and colleagues and hope that I will get the time to log them another time. As time went by I realised that perhaps this having only vital numbers may not be such a bad thing. A lot of the people in my phone were saved as “Carol Club Soundd” or “That Dendai.” I didn’t even know where I met this person for many. This move reduced some of the baggage that I had on me and I feel surprisingly lighter nowadays.
  1. Battery – This phone is not just a phone. Its a mini-computer. With the things that I do on a daily basis I have been forced to carry the charger around daily. It may allegedly have many hours talk time but it doesn’t seem to work for me.
  2. Camera – The camera on this thing is serious. Seriously. I have been using this camera to take photos for my bar reviews daily. This phone can take photos good enough to be used in a newspaper. Respect.
  3. Video – The phone has a HD camera. I have been so impress that I am currently in the throes of updating my own Youtube channel. Awesome.
  4. Screen size – The screen size on this phone is amazing.

There are many more pointers and these are some of the in/cpanelitial observations. This S3 phone is a very seriously serious phone.