The Beauty files: Movember is upon us

Kenny Kaburu is a fan of Movember
Kenny Kaburu is a fan of Movember

Its that time of the year again; Movember. The month when men decide not to shave for a whole month with the purpose of raising awareness of mens health issues like prostate cancer. The event has been growing fast around the world and Kenyans are not far behind see as we big on following the worlds trends.
You can for the next few weeks expect to see many images of folks who have been maintaining their beards until the end of November. The only problem with the Movember thing is that those beards can be quite nasty. Clean heart (Roho safi) this is one of those things that are supposed to be cool but sometimes one ends up looking like a serial killer while one is trying for a better look.
For one to maintain the beard there are some options of course. I have been doing a series on OLX here at and a search for “beard” can be illuminating. On sale there are like Langata where they are selling Hair Clippers and beard trimmer in the Nairobi CBD for Ksh4,500 ,a Powerful Beard cutter machine for Ksh5,000, Beard shaver in the Mombasa for Kshs2,000 or an Electric hair and beard Trimmer, Baby Shaver, Rechargeable Shaver Wholesale in the CBD for Ksh1,099 .
A search for clippers on the same site gives us other options such as a Wahl Bald Hair clipper
in Roysambu which is going for Kshs3,500 and many other options.
Once you have the equipment and you are shaving like crazy you want to get after shave to treat your recently worked on chin or noggin. On the same site you can get the Gillette series after shave which is selling for Sh700 in Hurlingham or even Lord after shave in Kawangware (I know, I know) selling at Kshs1,200.
So as you start your Movember experience then you want to look at the options open to you so that you don’t look like a caveman or anything.