The Beauty files; getting your weave on

Kelly Rowland baby!
Kelly Rowland baby!

It was a very surreal Saturday for this blogger as I started the day on the couch with my trusty TV on after a night out on the town. I am a GOTV subscriber and on my screen was BET and I realised that I must have nodded off watching something like The Real Husbands of Hollywood Soul Sessions. As I got my bearing I noted that Chris Rock was chatting about weaves and on looking at the TV menu it turns out that I was watching a documentary called Good Hair (you can watch the trailer here). Women are doing so much to make themselves the best that they can be why lie. They are working their bone to be as good looking as they can. Not for men of course; for “themselves.”
So where does one get those weaves in Kenya? Well Vera Sidika famously said that she bought hers for hundreds of thousands of shillings which seems to correspond with the crazy figures being given in that documentary. But then again there must be a cheaper alternative seeing as the weave has taken over the Kenyan space even worse than Nollywood and No-Grammy (Naija music?). So what are the options.
The first port of call for me has to be OLX that has indoctrinated some of us with their Eric Omondi powered advertising. A search on that site for weaves shows that there are very many options for the young woman wanting to get her weave on. Here are some of the options right now if you log on right now;

Get the Kerry Washington Scandal weave y'all.
Get the Kerry Washington Scandal weave y’all.

So between Kshs400 and Kshs9,000 you can get a decent new weave for you to flounce your head like Farrah Fawcett, Kerry Washington or my favourite Destiny’s Child Kelly Rowland.
So you now have the weave. You want to head to the salon and get the look from your local weave installer. You can search for a salon on the same site and there you will see some decent offerings. The downside with that search is that you will get a lot of products to buy or even whole salons.
For those who might be foolhardy enough to try and install their own weave there are options. OLX has many products for the discerning weave installer especially in the health and beauty segment. For instance a search on there I saw a ceramic flat iron being sold out of Langata for Kshs1,350; negotiable. Not too bad. A hair steamer coming out of Kilimani for Kshs8,000 is a bit steeper but definitely reachable.
So you want the good hair that we all love to love (or hate depending on your opinions on hair) then the market place is for you. OLX is a good starting point. If you are not inclined to do the search then I suggest arming yourself with an arm and a leg worth of cash and walking into your nearest Salon. Good luck.