The Attitude Club aka F3 experience #MemoriesOfAPubReviewer

Nowadays the offering is the Afrique dancers
Nowadays the offering is the Afrique dancers

One of my good friends was getting married in town and it was time for the bachelor party. I joined the party in town where people were carpooling; there was around seven of us in three cars. The best man organized that we check out this joint somewhere in Lavington. If you tell me to take you there I wouldn’t have a clue as I was in the back of one of the cars and I was clueless as to where we were going.

Eventually we made it to this house in plush Lavington and we drove through the doors and we walked into front door. As we were in the house the best man goes in the back somewhere to negotiate and we were left at the living room. When we were here young women in nighties either from China, Korea or Japan (or another oriental country) passed by going from one door to another door. I won’t lie I was intrigued at what was clearly going to be an epic evening. When the best man came through he didn’t have good news; the owner of the house wanted us to spend something in the tens of thousands to enjoy its delights. If you imagine that this was in 2008 you know that was a huge amount of money for a handful of guys to spend on a few hours of ogling at nubile young Asian girls, something I had never had ever seen.

We piled back into the cars and went to a nearby BP petrol station and started discussions on what would be the next course of action. It was unanimous; it was the last night of freedom for our boy so he had to see naked women. Suggestions started being made. I quickly suggested Apple Bees seeing as it was a “semi-decent” strip club in town but I was shut down. I got them. The thing is that Apple Bees is in a really shady part of town so it doesn’t behoove you to be seen going there by your peers. It was decided that folks would go to F3 instead.

The Florida Franchise has a long history in Kenya. It all started with the Florida in Mombasa which was founded by South African Tam Winkie before the Nairobi version started with in the 1970s first with Florida 2000 on Moi Avenue then New Florida Night Club aka Madhouse. Some of you will recall that Mad house, with the maddest reggae night of them and its unique dome look was shut down recently and relocated to a place I can’t find to this day.

I had heard about this Attitude place aka F3 but had never been there but this crowd gave me the chance to go there for the first time.

It was at the same venue as F2 on Moi Avenue. One went through the same entrance from Moi Avenue as the F2 but used a different door when in the building at that lead to the back. Here we went to this little cosy place with a few couches and ordered drinks. Eventually the action started. There were some young athletic women stripped to their underwear. They were dancing to the latest music in town and moving around tables. Having already scared mentally by Apple Bees and Liddos Discotheque, I found this to be quite tame although my friends were quite excited by what was on offer. All I could think of was that these guys ain’t seen nothing; if they went downtown they would have to rue the day they were born.

Eventually the soon to be husband got his lap dance to his embarrassment as we were all sitting around chugging beers and he was the only one getting the goods in his mug.

The weekend after this we all saw our boy going down the aisle but I remembered the evening I shared with them. It was very cool and hip; not pervy as it could have been.