The Afropolitan Shop for bags, shoes and accessories


40 dollars - ythats US - for this one.
40 dollars – that’s US – for this one.

The Afropolitan shop is a website offering kick ass bags, shoes and accessories (includes jewellery).  

Off course I wasn’t just looking around online to shop for bags as this is not one of those things that I do random like. You are more likely to find me like lurking around Arseblog News or The Jackal news or even that Kenyan Bloggers webring. I found out about this one because the person who runs it is a lady who we share an apartment block with. After a chat at a tenants meeting she mentioned to me that she runs this shop online that has shoes, accessories, bags and more.

Now I have a birthday coming soon and I suspect that my significant other will not be very happy if I don’t get her something special (this year). So when I heard about this site for things that women love it was a no brainer. I got the web address and typed in and lo and behold…

Based on the designs on offer at the site I have to say I was impressed. The Sandals are a marvel. The bags are functional and beautiful. The jewellery is exquisite. I knew I was at right place to please my significant other and there would be no dog house moments for me this year.

As I prepared to select my purchases I started noticing something very weird. All the prices were in US dollars. Because of this they didn’t initially look too expensive. However when I started translating the prices into Kenya Shillings a shiver went down my spine. These things were darn expensive. You think I am being anal? Sample the follow prices using the conservative exchange rate of 80 Kshs to the dollar;

  • Sandals at US$50 – Kshs 4000
  • Earrings  US$12 – Kshs960
  • Fancy necklace US$60 – Kshs4,800
  • Giriama Basket tote US$85 – Kshs6,800
  • Leather tote US$160 – Kshs12,800 (Ouch!)

Obviously this site is targeted at someone with a higher budget to please their lady friends than myself. If you fall in this category I highly recommend that you head to The Afropolitan shop. The rest of us let’s all meet at Toi Market au sio?

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