Tasted Budweiser. Still hate it. #NairobiDrinking #AfricanDrinking

Thanks but no thanks.
Thanks but no thanks.

So I’ve just come back from the Sankara Hotel in Nairobi, one of our swankiest at the moment. I came from there because I had heard that there was to be a tasting of the world famous Budweiser beer from the… USA! USA! USA! Budweiser is coming into the Kenyan market to get its share of the burgeoning imported beer market.

Budweiser has been called the King of Beers in some spaces. The problem with those spaces is that it is called this in places which don’t know jack about beer. There was a period in my life I was out of the country and I would drink different types of beers regularly. In that period, I came to learn that there are three which most people tend to hold in high esteem that I could not stand; Budweiser, Calsberg and Fosters. These are beers which one would consider the “pop stars” in the beer industry; those who know good beer can’t stand while the masses love them.

So there I was at the Sankara hoping that maybe those many years ago when I was still learning to drink beer were a fluke. I drunk it and I can confidently state that this is not a beer I will be drinking whenever I am out on the town. No siree bob.

I guess Budweiser will have to do for me like Barclay’s Bank does. Bud sponsors the oldest cup competition in the world The FA Cup which my favourite football team Arsenal won last season. So just like I will not be darkening the doors of Barclays any time soon even though I love the Barclays Premier League this applies to the Bud. Support its football tournament sponsorship; never been caught drinking that stuff again.