Tabitha Wa Thuku and Ziham Hassan’s Shelter for a Sage


Ziham Hassan and Tabitha Wa Thuku
Ziham Hassan and Tabitha Wa Thuku

Artists Tabitha Wa Thuku and Zihan Hassan will be presenting their exhibition Shelter for a Sage at the Talisman restaurant next week.

Artist Tabitha Wa Thuku is one of Kenya’s top artists having been in the business for a while with her paintings showing locally and internationally. Tabitha has also is a lecturer at the Kenyatta University and gracious lady. She has been covered by The Star has covered Tabitha several times with a cross section of pieces showing her in various environment.

Zihan Hassan is building her name very fast as THE art correspondent with The Star and probably the best one in the country right now. Turns out that she knows quite a bit about art as she also happens to be an artist herself.

The two ladies will be presenting a joint exhibition at the talisman restaurant in Karen starting next week called Shelter for a Sagefrom 23rd October to the 11th November. For those who want to check out what they will be running here samples of their work. Please check it out.