Pic-Centre.com enters the Kenyan sports content fray

Get images like these at pic-centre.com
Get images like these at pic-centre.com

For someone who hasn’t played any sports regularly since I was in high school, I am a big sports fan. I am one of those who when the discussion goes to the sporting one I will be a pretty big contributor. I have opinions – strong ones – of every sport you can imagine. Football (Arsenal, Thika United, Kaiser Chiefs, every decent football side). Basketball (Used to be Michael Jordan‘s Bulls now leaning to the Celtics). Rugby (Safari Sevens, Impala, used to be All Blacks thanks to Jonah Lomu now leaning towards the Boks what with the Pax Africana thing). Athletics (I am Kenyan after all). Volleyball (Kenyan again).

I always start reading the paper with the back papers as those are the only parts of the news that discuss human achievement. The rest of the paper are all about the failings of man and ain’t nobody got time for that.

Out on the developed economies the sports business is a big deal with magazines like Sports Illustrated which has given the sports business a new view for many. The TV segment is covered by folks like ESPN and Sky Sports.

Locally the sports coverage has really come a long way. While it was once a “lesser” thing to be a sports reporter nowadays sports has seen many people grow their names like Mike Okinyi, Evelyn Watta, Geoffrey Wachira and their like being seen covering huge sporting events like the Olympics and the world cup (the football one off course). We cannot forget some of the pioneers like Sean Cardiovillis who is now on 105.5 Xfm and is a sports consultant in his own right or even the highly garlanded Elias Makori.

The growth of this news genre has even seen the launch of two publications that deal exclusively with sports with the Nation Media Group launching Sport On and The Standard group launching Game Yetu. Before this the Radio Africa Group had unveiled Radio Jambo which was meant to concentrate on the sports business in its content.

Online there have been quite a few additions to the sport content business like SportsnewsArena.com , michezoafrika.comand a personal favourite The Content House. I love the last of these as the writers there go really in depth in their analysis as well as going historical in a way that is hard to find with the newer properties.

A new website has joined in that sports melee; Pic-Centre.com. This site is a collaboration of some of the best photographers in Kenya and allows you who need photos from various sporting activities in the country to come purchase them for your own use. The sports currently covered include athletics, basketball, cricket, camel derby, football, golf, hockey, horse racing, motor sports, polo, rugby, swimming, tennis and volleyball. Its still early days so no word on the photos from the murky world of cock fighting.

In all seriousness this is one of the only services where one can buy images for one’s needs.

The thing I like about this service, even though you have to register like many of them nowadays, is that if I have a website or physical publication I now have a place to get them legally without resorting to google images and possibly getting sued down the line by a very pissed off photographer.