Now you can run up the Nairobi Hilton fire escape (for charity)

Run up this building for fun.
Run up this building for fun.

The Nairobi Hilton is one of Nairobi’s iconic buildings having been here since before I was born (I was born in 2005) and our friends there tell me that they shall be having a unique race there very soon; the Hilton Tower Race.

The race didn’t start in Nairobi. The London Hilton on Park Lane was the first one to do the race which involved racing up the tower to much enjoyment. This was followed by Hilton Dubai Jumeirah in 2012 which was also well received.

Its time for Africa sang Shakira. Actually she sang it but it was written for her and we all know that as much as she is a great performer her dalliance with that Barcelona ob doesn’t help her brand…. Anyway its time for Africa and now its the turn for the Nairobi Hilton.

The Nairobi Hilton version will see folks run up the fire escape from th Mezzanine of the building to its top on 31st May. Thats 300 steps up 17 floors. That sounds like fun no?

Its not just the running up stairs and keeping fit though. Those who enter the race (Kshs10,000 per person in a team of four) will also be helping folks at the Rural Vision Children’s Rehabilitation Home established in the year 2004. Located in Soweto slums in Nairobi’s Embakasi Division, the home caters for abandoned orphans, neglected and abused children in our society.

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