Nairobi rises as one of Africa’s high-rolling cities

CasinoA vibrant casino culture is emerging in one of Africa’s most scenic capitals

With the numerous casinos that were built in a short space of time, Nairobi has earned a reputation of providing an unmatched gaming experience amidst the backdrop of the great African safari. The growing recognition of the city’s potential as a venue of international casino tournaments adds lustre to the Kenyan capital’s credentials as one of Africa’s ultimate gaming venues. It’s interesting to look at the rise of a vibrant casino culture in one of the world’s most exotic capital cities.

Nairobi: home to world-class casinos

The emergence of world-class casinos in Nairobi was made possible by the funding from local and foreign investors. Previously, casinos in Nairobi are opened only as amenities to high-end hotels around the city. But more recently, stand-alone casinos have become a common sight thanks to the growing demand for poker, blackjack and pokies. Among Nairobi’s big casinos that are attracting local and foreign gamers include the Captains Club Casino, Joker’s Wild Casino, Bollywood Casino (formerly known as the Four Aces), and Babylon Casino. For tourists who simply want a round or two of baccarat or slots without leaving their lodgings, the Palms Regency (at Laico Regency Hotel), Paradise Casino (at the Safari Park Hotel), and Eastleigh Casino (at City View Hotel) serve as alternatives to an amazing Nairobian gaming experience.

Nairobi as host to bigtime casino tournaments

Galvanizing the city’s position as a challenger to other African cities like Cape Town and Abuja, bigtime international competitions have taken place in Nairobi’s casinos. Previously, casino news about Kenya centered on cause-oriented events in the West. Enlisting the help of professional casino players and Hollywood celebrities, the Bet Fair-supported Ante Up for Africa Tournament raised thousands of dollars to support poverty-alleviation efforts in Kenya and the rest of the continent. In particular, the Kenya Poker Tour (KPT) has attracted international casino players to play in one of Africa’s most scenic capitals. The KPT was launched in 2012 to promote poker in Kenya as well as to introduce the country to the rest of the world’s poker community. On its second year alone, the KPT assembled players from Italy, Germany, Russia, Switzerland, Portugal and Belgium. Last year’s champion Mehnaz Khan hails from both Nairobi and Dubai in the United Arab Emirates. With the success of the KPT, more competitions are taking place in the city such as the East African Regional Texas Hold’em Tournament.