My Youtube channel goes live thanks to the Samsung S3

My new channel.
My new channel.

I have written for the small screen even being part of an award winning writing team as part of my weird and wonderful career. I have been known to hold a camera point and shoot and hope that everything works out OK. Lets not even start with me not having done any video work.

In spite of all yesterday I officially unveiled my new Youtube Channel. To be honest its not really new. I have had one for months registering for it last year in April which just makes sense as whenever anything pops up on my screen I immediately register and forget about it after two minutes.

The only thing is that yesterday I was on my laptop fiddling with some videos I had recorded on the Samsung S3 at the Positively Africa festival at the Eldo Farm in Limuru. As I saw the videos I thought to myself; Why not post up these videos on youtube and see if the world will fall apart. It didn’t. In fact, I was very happy to have two videos up there both under 30 seconds.

The videos that the Samsung S3 are pretty cool despite me having no experience in the video filming business. The only thing that I noted was that when I uploaded the two vids Youtube stated that they looked to be shaky and would I mind if they fixed it. Would I mind? Hell no. Check out my new channel.