Murage Gichuki’s brilliant idea for Zuku

Murage Gichuki
Murage Gichuki

If you are based in Nairobi you will have noted that the are looking to bag your data business as much as possible. Jamii Telekom is the loudest with their Faiba pronounced hilariously as “faimba” by a stone age dude. The others in that segment are Zuku and Access Kenya and a few other folks ensuring that especially in the homes and corporations segment have the best Internet experience.

With the players in a battle for the market every little bit of help given especially of the charitable variety. Enter Murage Gichuki who is a Zuku customer and a creative with one of the leading firms in town. Here is his contribution.

Here’s an idea for Zuku. They should consider allowing existing users like me to access their Zuku WiFi anywhere I find it. E.G At a popular coffee house, using Zuku it logs me in to my account and funnels more bandwidth automatically to the Coffee House Account.

This could even be the Zuku Points Loyalty program where the more users you allow to access their accounts through yours earns you points which can be redeemed for bandwidth or upgrades on PVRs. Etc. Just an idea that I would like to have as a Zuku client.

If I were Zuku I would try and make this one happen. It is a guaranteed winner. I think.