More Geisha than you can handle

Unilever group managing directo East and Southern Africa Mr. Yaw NkarsohMy favourite stories in recent times has to be the one where Unilever takes P&G to court locally. The reason is that the latter in their advertising of brand Ariel was misleading the public as to the effectiveness of the formers Omo brand. The fun part as far as I was concerned was that for once the soap companies are bringing some more steel to their operations.

Which brings me handily to the newest soaps in the Kenyan market; new version of Geisha soap. The variants – Soothing Aloe Vera, Softening Rose, Invigorating Lemon and Moisturizing Coconut Oil – were launched at a colorful ceremony at the Zen Gardens in Nairobi on Thursday evening by Unilever group managing director East and Southern Africa Mr. Yaw Nkarsoh (pictured).

Geisha is not exactly a new market in the Kenyan market having come through in the 1990s with their tag line, “lasts and lasts like a mothers love.” Also most guys were known to use the long lasting bar of soap for less motherly purposes.

Its a popular brand in Kenya if reports are to be believed. A recent shoppers’ survey conducted in 2012 by Consumer Insight named Geisha as the leading brand in the bath soap category. It emerged as a favourite with a market share of 35 per cent, almost double that of its closest rival. So I suppose it made sense to really leverage on their market leadership position. My brothers will love this he he.

Lets hope no one takes them to court for their new innovation then. After all with the soap manufacturer industry nowadays one can never know…

For those who might have missed the bash here are some images from the fun.

Wambui, Larry and Mauree Kayi


Different faces band

Amani [centre]

Wachu Chege and Sheila Kendi


Vivian Achieng' and Maureen Kayi