Management Magazine: Get it on your phone, tablet and laptop

The May 2013 edition of the publication.
The May 2013 edition of the publication.

It’s not like there aren’t many magazines for professionals that we see on a daily basis on our newsstands in this town. Business Post and Marketing Africa are two in a long list are out there for you who want to know what is happening in your profession.

Then there is the Management Magazine which is produced by the people from the Kenya Institute of Management bi-monthly. The publication is tailored for its 15,000 plus subscriber database of managers thus has tips for how to be better managers. It gives profiles of well known managers and how you too can get to that space where you can be looked up as the manager of the hour. There is also news on trends and moves in the profession.

In recent times the publication has opted to look at the manager as not just a professional. So apart from the usually management heavy fair, which is useful, they have been looking at the whole person’s life. A holistic approach if you may. Thus you find interesting tit bits that might interest you as a reader including reviews on travel, the latest popular fiction and websites and more.

Recently the good people from KIM too their offering one step further as they allowed you to now get the publication not just on hard copy but also on other devices. You simply go to the website of the KIM at and then click on the Management Magazine button at the top. Here you will see pop down menu that includes “SUBSCRIBE to East Africa’s Premier Business, Leadership and Management Magazine.”

Click on that tab and follow the instructions which include leaving your email and phone number. Within no time you should be enjoying the whole experience either on your Smartphone, tablet, laptop or desktop computer. Enjoy it and tell us how you fared.