Departing Malawi High Commissioner Dr Perks Ligoya

Malawi High Commissioner Dr Perks Ligoya says goodbye to Nairobi

Departing Malawi High Commissioner Dr Perks Ligoya
Departing Malawi High Commissioner Dr Perks Ligoya

Malawi High Commissioner Dr Perks Ligoya said goodbye to Nairobi at his country’s 52nd country’s Independence Day celebrations at the Malawian Chancery in Nairobi on Saturday 2nd July 2016.

It was a special time at the Malawi Chancery on Waiyaki Way in Nairobi on Saturday as Malawi’s Independence Day was celebrated with record turnout. This day which happens on July 6th everyday happened a few days earlier than it could to all more attendants to take part. The celebration on Wednesday will probably be done quietly in Malawi homes around the country alongside Malawians at home. The event was attended by a large number of Malawi nationals as well as Kenyans, Ugandans, and Congolese.

The celebrations begun with a poetry presentation by Mbali Mthethwa who Kenyans will remember as being the Malawian in The Fifth Draft Anthology that came out last year. He was accompanied by the Victoria and they gave rhyme to situations of seeking and retaining love. It was beautiful. Then there was the fashion show which involved the children of Malawi residents locally and this was very enjoyable for all involved.

What I could consider the highlight of the performances were those by the Marist Brothers who performed two numbers. One was a nationalist song featuring flag waving and sychronised dancing while the second was a more unique performance. This latter performance involved Nyau dancers which had dancers in bizarre clothing made from discarded sacks and terrifying masks as their crowning terror.

At an event like this you cannot escape speeches as the adults have to have their say. There were speeches from Association of Malawians in Kenya (AMAKE) and other personalities. The highlight of the talking had to be from Dr Perks Ligoya who is leaving his post as High Commissioner in Kenya just a year after starting his tour in March last year.

The High Commissioner who had come after a stint as High Commissioner in India spoke fondly of his time in Nairobi which he felt welcome in as a fellow African. He spoke about the links that Kenya and Malawi had start with founding fathers of the countries Presidents Jomo Kenyatta and Hastings Kamuzu Banda. Fun fact: The only other African leader with a statue in Blantyre apart from President Banda is our own Mzee Kenyatta. I would love to see that.

Apart from the historical, he spoke about the present. He spoke of a meeting that he had a few days before with Kenyan business man Peter Munga who ordered tonnes of stuff which meant more work for Malawians. This is great news for intra African trade.

With the speeches having done with the cake was cut and the real partying begun; just kidding the elections for the next team at the AMAKE was conducted THEN the partying happened in earnest.

Happy birthday Malawi. And fare thee well Dr Perks Ligoya.