Machakos County governor candidates battle on K24tv

Dr Alfred Mutua
Dr Alfred Mutua

It was battle royal on K24 as candidates for governor for Machakos County Dr Alfred Mutua, John Katuku and Engineer Titus Ndunda battled for supremacy. It was a tossup between Dr Mutua and Katuku for me.

Last night saw the candidates of Machakos county take the dodgy stage at the K24 for a starring role on the Chege Kariuki-run show The Office. The issues on the ground from my previous knowledge and the discussions of the candidates were mainly water or lack thereof, youth education and employment, land and a few others.

My favourite non-Nairobi County happens to be Machakos as it has the most colourful people in the country in my view. The candidates did their best with Wavinya Ndeti the sports assistant minister who is a strong candidate missing as she was not feeling well. Dr Alfred Mutua recently resigned as the government spokesman. When he wasn’t spinning for the government the guy was directing TV series, setting up glossy magazines and writing books about how to succeed and be rich in Africa. John Katuku was the former assistant minister while the Engineer came from the private sector.

The debate was really weird. The discussion mostly went like this; Dr Mutua would start on his grand plans explaining how he would say buy tractors for every sub-location. The other two would them jump on it explaining how impractical he was with his ideas.

The Engineer was especially notorious for this with his backchat and butting in when people were speaking; when he wasn’t shaking hands with everyone on the panel. It was initially amusing but quickly got tired as he specialised in telling us about his policy pillar; the new Constitution made a new forest and needs new monkeys which presumably he was. I don’t know if the voters of Machakos would go for that and I would love to see how that one goes for him as based on his performance I would never vote for him.

This left the former government spin doctor and the former assistant minister. If I was in a voting booth and I had to pick a candidate I would probably go for the youthful Dr Mutua… No I’d go for the more measured Katua… No… I’m lucky I am not from Machakos County…

P.S. Chege Kariuki needs to take charge of his show. That debate was out of control many times and it was his job to control the politicos.