Lee Mwandiki goes to the dark side


Lee Mwandiki looking to the dark side.
Lee Mwandiki looking to the dark side.

Former photojourno and all around nice guy Lee Mwandiki has moved to the dark side working with fast growing communications firm East African Productions.

Lee Mwandiki is known as one of the more consistent photographers in town. Many, especially those in the PR business, know him for his photography for the Bruce House Downtown Nairobi based business publication The Financial Post. Here he was a photographer at large who was also in charge of the business pictorial page of the publication. He is also known for offering photography to other folks on a freelance basis. He was also the man behind the nairobipictures.com blog.

Mwandiki came a long way from his humble beginnings as a student of photography at the Kenya Polytechnic (before the institution decided to confuse the hell out of us by renaming it to the Kenya Polytechnic University College). He is known as a fun loving gentleman with a huge affection and immunity for the potent Vicerula (Viceroy brandy and amarula) cocktail that would bring most human beings to waste after drinking only a few shots.

2013 saw a new phase in the affable gentleman’s career when he left the media scene and moved to the dark side. Or rather the grey side. The dark side as we all know is the Public relations circuit where one works with companies lovingly (no love) called “clients” and tries to get their agenda sorted in the media. The East African Productions company he works for now offers communications materials, photography and video as well as the digital tools needed to make a marketing campaign work. Their principle clients are the PR firms and their “clients” so he is not really in the dark but I’d say some form of grey side.

So from worrying about composition and lighting and all that goes with photography he has now moved to proposal writing and status meetings with clients a very different kettle of fish. We wish him all the best.