Laura Walubengo lives it up at DSTV

Laura Walubengo hard at work.
Laura Walubengo hard at work.

Laura Walubengo is enjoying life as DSTV web editor.
We all know Laura Walubengo no? Well if you don’t you are not based in Nairobi and haven’t listened to Capital FM in Nairobi Kenya in the last decade. She has been a standard voice at the news desk of the niche radio station for more than a decade. Actually I remember attending her 10th anniversary do two years ago which was quite the fun affair.

Earlier in the year she resigned from her job at “Capiro” as some call her former employer and she vanished from the scene for a few days to emerge a while later as the Web Editor of DSTV online. She looked quite relaxed at the 007 fashion show at the Yaya Centre when I chatted with her.

Then this morning as I am heading to the office I encounter this link on my good friend’s profile. It tells a tale of a Laura few of us see in public. Some of the tit bits from the link include the introduction of a middle name that has been hidden from the public Mukite. And that as a child, she wanted to be an actress or musician when she grew up. Also that the If ever anyone needed to bribe her for anything they should note that chicken is most appreciated. Wait that one we already know…

For the whole profile please visit this page.