Kitui candidates battle it out on NTV


Nzamba Kitonga
Nzamba Kitonga

This Sunday evening was yet another governors debate on NTV with Dr Julius Makau Malombe, Isaac Muoki, Kiema Kilonzo, Kennedy Gumbau Mulwa and Nzamba Kitonga going for it.

So this Sunday so another battle royal on NTV as yet another governors debate was in the offing this time for Kitui County. This is a county in the Eastern part of the country that is famed for having huge deposits of coal in its Mui basin. It is also famous for (sorry about this Kitui folks) not having much water.

My observation of the debates were hampered by having been on a 12 hour bumpy bus ride across the country and this I may not have been at my best observation wise. One thing I couldn’t fail to notice was that the moderator for this evening’s discussion was not Linus Kaikai as usual but Ben Kitili instead. I also noticed that Kitili did a pretty decent job handling the aspirants for the governor job.

The was a lot of talk on that podium. There two sitting Mps Isaac Muoki and Kiema Kilonzo on that podium and a lot of the questions were being directed by some rather unhappy folks in the audience. If I was going to be voting for either of them the questions would have put me off no end. Those two guys dominated the debate quite a bit leaving the other guys the bakshsish of the attention.

I did enjoy hearing Nzamba Kitonga the prominent lawyer and activist. He seemed level headed and assured in his responses in my haze of recovering from a long journey. The rest I cant honestly put a face to if you asked me to.

So there you have it. Three candidates that I would likely vote for and a change of the moderator. I need to sleep.