Kiambu governor aspirants battle it out on K24

Dr James Nyoro
Dr James Nyoro

It was the turn of Kiambu aspirants for governor to show what they were about on Chege Kariuki’s The Office show on K24 this Monday evening. Kenya Power decided that I didn’t need to see the whole debate. 

Every Monday sees the folks from one county battle it out to be the leader of their part of the country on K24 TV. This time it was to be the top dog in Kiambu county and the guys going for it were Architects George Nyanja and Mwaura Ngarari, Rev Dr David Githii and Dr James Nyoro. Candidate William Kabogo was missing in action said our host. The beginning of the debate was interesting as the host showed scenes from a recent nomination exercise for TNA the strong party in Kiambu which featured violence that happened with chair throwing and general nastiness.  He then invited them to give them their comments on the video and the condemnation was across the board as everyone said it was wrong and all.

The debate proper then started after this with candidates going at it thick and fast. The most conservative person on that panel was Dr Githii who used to have sort of influence in the PCEA church in the past. He seemed to be the guy who would appeal to the fathers and mothers and teachers come ballot day. Dr Nyoro was a feisty debater giving his opinion strongly and with the indignation I hear everyday with the middle class that I interact on a regular basis.  The two architects were very interesting. Nyanja was a former MP and offered a strong position on how he would run the county based on his record. Ngarari was quite impressive as well giving concrete solutions to the real issues.

Some of the issues on discussion include education and employment of young Kenyans – the ones who were in the education system and the “battalion” who were in the shopping centres with nothing to do and thus are attracted to the gang culture in that county. The debates were really heating up and for me Ngarari was looking really good when Kenya Power decided that they would have none of me making decisions. There was a black out at my apartment block and the power came too late to see the rest of it.

The little I saw did give me a quite impression should you give me a Kiambu county governor ballot paper right now. Dr Nyoro looked good but the one flaw I noticed was that he was giving the impression of the typical middle class person in this town. Visible anger and exasperation at the unfairness of it all with the “solutions” but someone who would probably spend half a decade doing studies when stuff needs to be done. Dr Githii just needs to retire seriously. Nyanja with his larger than life personality wasn’t working for me for a technocrat job s If I was to vote based on what I saw I would probably have voted for Mwaura Ngarari.