Ken Teyie is head of sales at Dormans coffee

DSC_0069Ken Teyie built his name in the media business as a manager. I never saw his work as a journo but he was always in the background ensuring that firm was running smoothly. The most recent of his postings was the Mondeas limited the company which publishes Up magazine and Kenya Concierge. By the time he was leaving the company he had gone up the ranks of the company to be the general manager of the company.

The affable and cool Ken has left the business to join Dorman’s Coffee as global sales manager. We are wishing the best in his career. He has his work cut out selling some of the best coffee on the planet… Wait, its the best coffee on the planet. All he needs to do is not mess it up royally hehe.

2 thoughts on “Ken Teyie is head of sales at Dormans coffee

  1. I worked with Ken him being an Editor, manager and my boss..he is an awsome dude with a good personality..AND HE IS KICKING ASS right now.
    Go BIG Ken.

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