Julie Otieno’s free advice to Uchumi Supermarkets:

A typical Uchumi setting.
A typical Uchumi setting.

Julie Otieno is one of the more respected public relations professionals in Nairobi having worked in several organisations before setting up her own outfit Traction Communications (Read the Q&A we did with her here). So when a serious communications professional like her gives you free advice you as an organisation want to have a listen as she might know what she is doing.

Here is the advice she gave to one of the country’s most well known supermarket brands Uchumi after visiting their Capital Centre branch on Mombasa Road recently;

Free Advice to Uchumi Supermarkets:

1. Forget what OMO says, Dirt is NOT good. Please reacquaint your cleaning team with buckets, detergent, mops and dusters. Alternatively, outsource cleaning services to Parapet.

2. Disorder clouds the decision to buy. Your veggie section would look neater if you could go the extra mile and remove the wilted greens and shriveled carrots and beets. Those are only good for cows and horses….and it’s highly unlikely that anyone blessed with a herd of cows or a Horse or two would come shopping for their animal’s meals at Uchumi.

3. Those trolleys and shopping baskets can actually be cleaned WITH WATER AND SOAP. Try it. The difference will amaze you.

Happy Sunday.

You think they would listen our friends from Uchumi right?

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  1. I love Uchumi… probably more than Julie. I shop there more than anywhere else …. in any town, I will look for that red and white logo. But once in a while I have to go elsewhere, mostly when Uchumi does not have whatever I need. So one is able to make comparisons… Uchumi disappoints (even loyal customers like Me) when you least expect. If it is not staff attitue, then you have to wait as they find the code for an item from the shelf, or the gadget at the till cannot read the bar code… there is always something… Uchumi yawa …!

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