James Bond Skyfall: Awesome


Javier Bardeim is the best Bond villain in a while.
Javier Bardem is the best Bond villain in a while.

There I was amongst a bunch of friendly folks that got to preview the brand new James Bond movie Skyfall. A one word review for the movie? Awesome.

I have been a huge fan of James Bond the movie series. I got the bug when I was young when an older cousin of mine Smokey took to me Embassy cinema in downtown Nairobi to keep me busy. Embassy was a higher end of Eastlands cinema which for those who might recall offered movies of a salacious nature which included an offering of one ticket for “three movies.”

At the time Embassy cinema was doing a James Bong marathon and it made a huge impression on my young mind. It was so indelible that effect that when I was getting baptised and they asked what name I would like for my new name it was a no brainer; James.

My favourite Bond has always been Sean Connery. Sorry Roger Moore. Sorry Timothy Dalton. Sorry George Lazenby. Pierce Brosnan was always a close second even though I was so pleased when he was cast but then he kinda didn’t dislodge the old man. Then came Daniel Craig. He took the movie series to heights I could never have imagined. Which is weird enough if you consider that when he got the job there was a campaign including a website called http://danielcraigisnotbond.com.

This Monday there was a bit of a screening of the newest and boldest bond Skyfall. Do I like it? Yep. The movie retools the series as it takes a route I would have never imagined as it shows Bond as an aging secret agent who has to use his wits to save the world and M from a former agent gone rogue. Its compelling watching with scenes from movies you may have seen before with a Matrix scene, a driving miss daisy scene and more.

The movie’s bad guy is Javier Bardem famous for another chilling scene and he brings it. He is so good I am seriously considering adopting the name Javier… The movie opens tomorrow all over the place and all I can say is encourage you to go out there and enjoy it. Enjoy it.