Introducing Rotary Madaraka’s new president Josiah Mwangi

Rotary Makadara president Josiah Mwangi
Rotary Madaraka president Josiah Mwangi

Josiah Mwangi is a communications professional who has been in the business of spreading messages for his clients for the last few years. His professional career is however not the purpose of this blog. He is the incoming president of the Rotary Madaraka and he accorded me this exclusive interview;

How long have you been in Rotary and what made you join?

I was a member of a Rotaract Club in my younger years, and I really enjoyed what we did then. Rotaract Clubs are a lot of fun, and I made many lifelong friendships in that journey.

Therefore, last year, together with some friends we formed a Rotary Club, the Rotary Club or Madaraka. It is one of the 48 Rotary Clubs in Kenya. Our club was chartered, that means officially became a Rotary Club on, June 1, 2012, Madaraka Day.

What are some of your more memorable experiences in the society?

Just to note, Rotary Clubs are simple clubs, and not a society.
I have many memorable experiences. I have participated in very many community service projects it’s hard to keep tabs. The thing I admire most is the ingenuity of members. I have seen creative fund raising ideas, made many friends, and shared platforms with people I would never dream of. In Rotary, there are no classes, people respect each other, and support each other to success. That is a great lesson I’ve borrowed and taken to my life.

What benefits does being a member offer to an individual and to society?

Being a Rotarian means serving your community, networking, making friends, and building international relationships. Rotarians support each other in any part of the world, and I have seen this through the friends I’ve made in Uganda through Rotary.

But the greatest lesson is leadership. For example, as the President, I’m now expected to deliver through volunteers. You have to master how to do that, it’s very different from being a boss and giving instructions and people do their part. That is the most interesting lesson I expect to gain from my year as president.

You are the president of Rotary Madaraka. Were you elected and how does it work in that organisation?

A Rotary Club President serves for one year. the year starts in July to June 30 the next year and elections are held before November 30th. There is a rotational system that members are encouraged to go through so as to be ready for Presidency. Before I became President, I was President Elect and served as a shadow to our old President. That way, I also get to learn what is going on and appreciate the demands.

Now that you are president what are your plans for the club on your term?

In Rotary, our motto  is Service Above Self. It conveys the humanitarian spirit of our members. Therefore, I need to help my club fulfill strong service to our community and also build themselves professionally. This is through partnering with other Rotary Club, and corporates where possible, to implement at least two notable projects to promote the wellbeing of our country.
In addition, I have a great opportunity to let people know about Rotary. I’ll keep sharing what Rotary is all about so as to help people understand it better.  We intend to partner with other Rotary Clubs to implement several community service projects, some of which have already been identified.

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