International Beer Day becomes International Beer Weekend

I love beer a bit too much.
I love beer a bit too much.

International Beer Day (IDB). A day set aside on every first Friday of August to bring together the world under beer for world peace. I am a big fan of both beer and world peace so I was happy to bring this big day close to me. Its a Friday only but I proceeded to celebrate the day in a big way by making it a weekend event instead.

Friday was spent guzzling beers in Eldoret’s Eldy Grill before coming to Nairobi missing out on the Trend with the writer folks. Good brand that Tusker.

Saturday was spent at Ngong town guzzling Summit Lager at a kids party. Summit Lager is such a sweet beer. I need to really end this slavery with Tusker and this is as good a brand to try as any.

Sunday was spent me drinking Castle Lager from my Capital Centre Uchumi. I had been initially planning on having Tusker but the people at EABL are so lazy nowadays that their brands run out and we have no choice but to buy other brands. So I ended up buying Castle Lager which has many things going for it at the time. Tusker = Kshs130. Castle = Kshs120. Tusker = No available. Castle = Available. No brainer. Having tasted the Castle I have to say that I will be drinking more when I meet it. Not a bad beer.

Next IDB there shall be destruction of more beers.