I’m getting me a Samsung S4

Samsung S4: I'm getting this phone
Samsung S4: I’m getting this phone

I’m only human. The hype that has been accompanying the launch of the Samsung S4 has been frenetic in recent times. From the sneak peeks into the phone to the launch and what have you. I have gotten the bug and I want in.
I have been using the Samsung S3 from last year and it has done amazing things from me. I started my Youtube channel because of it. I started using it to take photos for my pub reviews in my newspaper column. I started scheduling stuff with Evernote. Its been a crazy learning time as I discovered what apps are in phones and how they make one’s life better.
While I have loved the S3 like my baby it has had its little flaws. For one I dropped the phone and the screen just cracked and I had to buy a new one that set me back Kshs24,000. Thats around US$300 for my friends in Zimbabwe. The other flaw was battery life. I have to carry around my charger and keep charging the phone as by 2pm with my heavy usage the phone is usually dead.
I hear that the new S4 has addressed these two of my problems with a stronger screen and longer battery life. With this I want in so expect me to be sporting one of those as soon as they land on our shores. If you want one you can jump in on the pre-order craze that’s currently on with Safaricom and Airtel. I am an Airtel man to the core although truth be said that from the different eras of the company as Kencell then Celtel, Zain and Airtel I have always felt that it was Celtel that really wanted my business.
For those who are Airtel like myself you can now pre-order the phone for Kshs57,000 (US$750) with one shilling change acruing to you. Or you can get it for Kshs54,000 (US$700) again one shilling change, if you use Airtel money to make the purchase giving yourself a Kshs4,000 (US$50) discount. If you ever wanted to rekindle your relationship with Airtel money this is one good reason.
See you at the Samsung buying lines people.