How Airtel’s Unliminet has changed my browsing habits

airtel unliminet grandaLast month our good friends from Airtel Kenya announced with glee that they had a new revolutionary service called “Unliminet.” They described it as “The next best thing to the invention of electricity, mobile phones and the Internet is here with us.”

Subscribers would now be able to get SMS, calls and data of a certain amount for a one off rate. Even if the data bought for the period run out, one could still access popular Internet services like Facebook, Twitter, WhatsApp, Instagram and Gmail. The charges would be between Kshs50 for daily use and up to Kshs1,000 for a month.

The announcement followed a marketing blitz that we rarely seen from the number two mobile firm in town with an unlikely person the face of the brand; a grandma. Its not the first time someone has used senior citizens to sell their product with Safaricom famously employing the services of an acrobatic older lady doing a back flip to sell one of their products. That was funny.

Seeing as my primary phone number is with Airtel, I opted to try this new service and signed up for the service using their *544# service. Paying for the Kshs1,000 option which is cheaper in the long run I got the following message;

UnlimiNet 1000 has been succesfully purchased. Enjoy 2GB+400MIN (ANY network)+2000SMS+unlimited whatsapp+facebook. Valid 02-04-15 15:55. Check balance *544*3#”

The downsides of the service first. The Internet offering is not the best product from Airtel; in my house the service vanishes completely and I miss Whatsapp conversations and other Internet goodness until I leave the house. It also has a habit for vanishing at times when I am on the road.

In spite of the downsides, I like the idea of using the product because of the price which even before Unliminet intruded into our lives.

Since I signed up for this service a few things have happened to me.

1) No more office Wi-Fi

Whenever I checked into the office, I would turn off the data on my phone and use the office data. This especially applied when I had videos and the like backed up on my WhatsApp. When I check into the office I never bother changing my phone settings.

2) No more asking for Wi-Fi passwords

I rarely ask for passwords when I am waiting in a building because I am too embarrassed to show its resident that I do not how cheap I am. When I do my pub reviews however, I have no shame asking for the password where I see the “Free Wi-Fi” sign. Since Unliminet however I have not been looking out for that sign since I am covered.

3) Having to buy a power bank

For many moons I have been saying I will buy a power bank. For the uninformed, a power bank is a contraption one carries around that charges your phone as you move around. You can read more about it here. Before Unliminet, my phone would die before 3-5pm (Techno!) and I would be off line for a while. I opted to buy the powerbank, a Oraimo power bank for Kshs5,000 from Gill House, which allows me never to be cut off again.

So when the day that my Unliminet expired guess what happened; Yep…

Your Unliminet Monthly1000 has expired. Dial *544*1000# to buy Monthly1000 bundle & enjoy 2GB+400MIN (ANY network)+2000SMS+unlimited whatsapp+facebook+gmail