Gitura Kamau’s Drum Order movie

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A scene from the Drum Order movie.
A scene from the Drum Order movie.

itura Kamau as far back as 2006 when drinking with him and his ilk would leave me going home at the wee hours of a Wednesday morning after a memorable Kwani Open Mic. I have always been impressed with his grasp of everything film. If you chat with that fellow you can find yourself talking for hours and hours at Wasanii. All I hope is that you don’t have to be working on the morrow for you shall be that guy in the office smelling of beers. A career threatening move at the best of times.

I was at Wasanii recently when I caught Gitura in the middle of production of his latest film The Drum Order. The movie which he directs with his ‘Fly On The Wall Productions’ and produced by Maryann Karanja, is about a thespian, who normally hangs out at the theatre. Knowing the film director this film is probably a personal portrait of the director as he spends a lot of time in that Wasanii at The National Theatre.

The film movie press information goes like this; Brian (Jimmy Geeraerts) is a journalist trying to get a story for his newspaper for some time and nothing seems to be working out. He is at his deadline when he remembers the story of Mo (Mathew Ondiege), who at first glance looks like a beggar hanging out at the theatre. Maya (Betty Kathungu) seems to be fond of Mo and is always helping him out. When Eric (San Kihiu) an actor and his friend Brian (Victor Gatonye) push a joke about a performance too far, the manager of the club (Chris Otieno) agrees to host the show. how will Mo perform when the spotlight is on him??

Sound like a movie you want to watch? Well the movie just finished recording and is currently in post production. We are looking forward to the movie very soon. You never know if this is the vehicle that allows the Gitura For an Oscar Facebook group to have proven to be prophetic.