Gitau Muraguri’s great bistro at New Muthaiga

Angel food at Vamos Grill. You know you want some...
Angel food at Vamos Grill. You know you want some…

We finally got our cabinet no? At least most of it. After weeks the president unveiled the new people who would be running the various cabinets portfolios in his government. His government and his deputy’s government off course. There was an initial uproar when former NIC bank group CEO was announced as the new health secretary. Mainly from doctors who were hoping to be given the plum position I suspect. So now we can go on with our lives with the election period on our backs and focus on other things right?
Lets focus on our old friend Gitau Muraguri. The former graduate of USIU worked for several fast moving consumer goods organisations like Haco and Nestle as a manager. He then made the transition into banking with two stints in Barclay’s and another in the Commercial Bank of Africa (CBA). The jobs were pretty high flying but he was looking for something else. So he quit the CBA and set up his own company; the Vamos Bistro. The bistro which is open early and late is at the New Muthaiga Shopping Mall for those who want to try its fare.
Gitau has always been know for his gastronomical bent even in college but he took a risk to set up the company which has already crossed the 1 year mark. One thing about the food, the pizza is divine. Seriously. The rest of the food is not shabby either.
So next time you are in the New Muthaiga area try Vamos Bistro for some of the best pizza in town.