Forget the jerry can cat. Try the Sokoke cat instead

The Sokoke cats
The Sokoke cats

The biggest story in cat news in Kenya has to be poor cat that made headlines when its head was stuck in a jerry can and was screened on the news. I was going through Know my Kenya one of my favourite Facebook groups today when I saw a weird looking cat called the sokoke cat. Turns out that there is a cat that is indegenous to Kenya just like there is the Egyptian variety and others.
Going the website dedicated to the cat I discovered that,

“Sokoke cats are one of just a few recognized breeds of cat that are naturally occurring native breeds. This means that they evolved all on their own,without initial human intervention or breeding selection,They became unique to a particular geographic region, developing their recognizable traits (just like a man-made breed), albeit through a natural selection process…

The cat seems to have evolved from several cat species as well as street cats in the coastal region. Coastal region you say? Which leaves me wondering if perhaps this is the poor one that found its head in a jerry can. Or not.