Dr George Okello Abungu gets French commendation


Dr. George H. O. Abungu: All I do is win.
Dr. George H. O. Abungu: All I do is win.

You will remember Dr George Okello Abungu from a previous blog where he was being commended for his work in defending African art. It looks like the man is on a roll as he is also given a French order of the knight of arts and letters.

Dr Okello has a resume in the arts that is comparable to that infamous CV that was unleashed by the Nairobi governor aspirant Jimnah Mbaru a few months ago. In Kenya he was director-general of the National Museum of Kenya and the Chairman of the Kenya Cultural Centre. Internationally he has been a visiting lecturer at a number of universities, including Gothenburg University, in Sweden, and the University of Western Cape in South Africa. He has been appointed a Visiting Professor at the University of Florida Gainesville in the Applied Anthropology Department for 2013.

Dr Abungu’s was awarded for his long years of dedicated service and commitment to the
heritage sector in Africa and around the world. His sacrifice in the face of fierce opposition to decisions which in retrospect have been wise and purposeful has not gone unnoticed.