Diana Opoti in Kenya’s Prestige Magazine

dianaprestigePrestige magazine is a magazine that brands itself as the one for the higher end of the Kenyan market.

The June-July edition of the publication opted to do a series of interviews of some of the more well know people in the fashion industry. These are the people who choose the clothes and do the makeup and styling that you see peering at you from the magazine covers or even on the fashion spreads in those that have.

Some of the people who have been featured include Eddie Kirindo, Olive Gachara, Annabell Onyango, Lydia Omolo and Fatuo Hassan. It lists their backgrounds as individuals and in their industry as well as giving tips for would be fashionistas.

The publication also has pretty cool features showing images from events around town as well profiles of Strathmore rugby coach Michael Pike and Harriet Hala who’s claim to fame is that she is married to the Intercontinental Hotel boss Karl Hala who is in the news for all the right reasons.

The most interesting piece for me is the one about cover model Diana Opoti who has been in the broadcasting industry for the better part of half a decade. She produced for several shows like The Patricia Show and Mashariki Mix.

She now with her new company Artemis media has started a TV show Designing Africa with Diana Opoti which allows her to indulge her love of African fashion as she supports the designers from the company. This she does as she covers the major fashion events on the continent.

We also learn from the publication that she is a relationship. With a Swedish dude. Good for her I say.

If you can please check out the magazine.