Cartoonist Victor Ndula Wins UN prize

Victor Ndula
Victor Ndula

It doesn’t happen often enough but Victor Ndula one of Kenya’s top editorial cartoonists was the winner of the 2012 United Nations/Ranan Lurie International Political Cartoon Competition.

Its not easy being a cartoonist in Kenya. First there is the issue of telling someone your job is drawing things like a child would do in kindergarten which cant be that great when you seek a serious spouse. Then there is the issue with the amount of work required to remain at the top of game of giving commentary by drawing with one’s bare hands and a pen and paper. Then there is the complaint I have heard from more than one cartoonist trying to break in about the cliques preventing folks trying to break in from doing so.

Off course as a person who couldn’t draw to save my life I wouldn’t know cartoon politics if they came and bit me on the behind. In spite of it all I did come into close contact in the last five years (is it 5 years already?!) with a very good cartoonist. I have been running a column in the Star called Nairobi Living and in the Print Version it comes with a caricuture based on my musings. It has been done for five years until only recently by Ndula who has a humour that would compete with the best Mad Magazine creators.

So it wasn’t suprising to learn that the man was a big winner this December as he was awarded the top prize at the 2012 United Nations/Ranan Lurie International Political Cartoon Competition. His entry was about the international women’s day and the cartoon is on this page with his permission.

The man is to be congratulated.