Carol Mbugua asks us to Cheki Nywele

You can get tips on how to look like this fabulous lady at
You can get tips on how to look like this fabulous lady at

So the other day I ran into Caroline Mbugua on the streets of Nairobi as I was heading to pay rent and she was thinking hard about something.  I went to college with the lass (I have been to school for those who think I went straight from primary school to where I am now) and we started catching the way you do. So who is doing what? Who got married? Who got babies? Such illuminating questions. As we chatted my story was kind boring; now work full time with The Star. Hers were interesting. Apparently she has been working on a website project for the last couple of months called Cheki nywele (check out hair) for a while and she asked me to have a look.

This website is pretty interesting. The idea from what I can see is to be the hub for everything hair and hair related. A quick look at the site shows a feature of where celebs are doing their hair and it looks like they have recently featured the cover girl for this month’s True Love Terryanne Chebet who is currently at CCTV doing good business anchoring (Side note; So True Love give us a feature of the Business anchor and a bar of soap. Are they telling us something eh?) and does her hair with Zawadi of Nywele nzuri and some other pal. Interesting reading.  I’m hoping to see other celebs so I can get to know who abuses their hair in future.

Away from the celeb type corner it basically gives features on hair with an interesting one on how to spot a fake human hair weave which we all know is vital intel and where that hot new hairstyle done by guys called hair ice comes from. Its not just hair as their are other pieces like one on how to treat smelly feet. Good stuff.

The strength of this site however is that it has one of the biggest listings of hairdressers in the capital that I have seen outside of Mocality. Its salons, stylists, executive barbers (kinyozi ya stima has come a long way baby!). It’s not just hair their specialty but nails as well for those who love doing their cuticles and spas for those who love whatever they do in those places. The variety of hair experiences one is promised from that one website alone is pretty awesome and I couldn’t recommend that one more.

Like Caroline says, Cheki Nywele at