Bacardi Oakheart gives bartenders some learning

Richard Irwin shows you how to pour the rum.
Richard Irwin shows you how to pour the rum.

You know what drives me nuts when I go out drinking? Bad service. And I am not talking about the Art Caffe type of blatant racism as I rarely see it even it it is thrown at me. What drives me nuts is the barman who will see me quietly drinking my beer and they will come and grab my beer and then try and pour it into my glass. Their theory is that they are trying push more beer down my gut at some pace I have never ascertained. Of course if I wanted to drink fast I would stay home and do the damage but they persist.

Then there are the bartenders who have no idea the difference between the drinks they are serving.

Is that dry? I wanted dry and not sweet red sir,” says I

Looks at bottle where wine is coming from, “I am not sure. It doesn’t say bwana.”

I would have assumed (I know, I know “ass out of you and me” but still…) that they would know the stuff they sell.

It looks like when our friends from Bacardi decided to unleash their Oakheart brand in the Kenyan market they realised the need to educate some of the bartenders in the use of their product. This they did as they gave bartenders’ mixology sessions so that folks could enjoy their favorite spiced rum cocktails such as Oak and Cola, among others.

The most recent gumbaru (adult education) for bartenders was done by Bacardi’s Brand Ambassador for Middle East and Africa, Richard Irwin who engaged over 20 bar owners and bartenders in Bacardi Oakheart cocktail mixing session at the Brew Bistro. As he did this he also took them through Bacardi Oakheart brand attributes.

So what is Bacardi Oakheart? Read the website for more. For those too lazy to click, George Cozac who is the Bacardi Martini Area Manager East Africa said that “the new BACARDI OAKHEARTis the perfect drink for you and the guys; whether you are planning, experiencing or reliving your adventures together.”

You heard it from the area manager.

Now if only someone could train those bar guys to leave my beer when I am drinking.