Angela Munyua heads to Vivo Energy Kenya

Angela Munyua is the communication manager of Vivo Energy in Kenya
Angela Munyua is the communication manager of Vivo Energy in Kenya

You know Vivo Energy no? Well its this company that was formed as a partnership between Shell the energy company, Vitol and the Helios company. Shell we all know as the oil company that left its office in Nairobi’s Harambee Avenue that became first the office of the prime minister and now as the one of the deputy president operates from.
Vitol is a new one to many of us brands itself as “one of the world’s largest physical energy traders, combining global reach and local expertise to identify and optimize opportunities wherever in the world they do business.” Helios Investment Partners is an independent private investment business with an “unrivaled understanding of, and unique focus on, the African marketplace.: The company is  is based in 14 countries in the African continent and was founded and managed by Africans which is awesome.
The company has been making all the right moves human resource wise as it hired former Tiger Haco brands CEO Polycarp Igathe to be its regional CEO. It was an apt move in my opinion. And today I have discovered a new move as it emerges that Angela Munyua is now the communication manager of the Kenyan arm of the company. We all know Angela as the long serving account manager at Tell Em’ PR before she moved shortly to Rift Valley Railways to work in communications there.
We wish Angela all the best in her new role. With her and folks like Igathe running things I expect big things.